Low Platelets

my best friend has been diagnosed with ttp, very low platelet counts and is short of breath. he has been admitted to the hospital. can one die from ttp? Please advice. Thanks.

– hannahjalil



Tawa tawa herbal medicine here in the philippines are widely used in curing DHF. The doctors here are not recommending it but still they are optimistic of the curing effects. A lot of people, including dengue patients, have testified that tawa tawa tea cured them or at least helped them survive DHF. The tawa tawa herb has a tea bag available here in the philippines from herbal stall inside the malls. Maybe it can raise the level of platelets since DHF attacks the platelets causing them to decrease.Calling the attention of bill and melinda gates foundation, please help in studying the effects of the tawa tawa leaf.

– anon140950



Papaya juice really helps.

– anon140914



I had tick fever five years ago and my platelets went down to 2000, when it should be 15,000 to 300,000 or even more.I was six days in the hospital, with prednisone and chemo treatment. note the chemo they gave me and others I have talked to is not a hot chemo like we all think of when we hear chemo. It came back up gradually.

But this spring I began bleeding, gums first, blood in blowing nose next, blood on my ear swabs next, and on toilet tissue next,a pin prick never stops oozing, then particular, reddish spots on my skin, first legs and on up to face and head.

I went in again. This time almost 0 platelets. They gave me outpatient shots, at $5,000 each which is like speed for your bone marrow. Then one round of the chemo again. My platelets game up again. The doc says it may never happen again or next week. It’s been nine months and I seem to be ok. Like everyone else, I see the gimmicks on the market but the papaya leaf may be ok. I may try it.

– anon136148



Pranayama, that is ‘breathing exercises’ (like kapalbhati and anuloma-vilom) help to bring up the platelet counts.

– anon134284



I have my platelet count is 10,000 and I am 12 years old. I am on steroids and I have regular visits to the hospital. Could anyone suggest foods that could raise my platelet count. They were 28,000 but I then had a bad virus and they slipped down to 10,000. I have also noticed a blood blister on the cheek of my mouth. The doctor said it was ok and that it was nothing to worry about.

– anon133365



Tawa-Tawa is another effective herbal plant that is widely known for its fine properties as an aid in the healing process of a dengue fever victim who are often diagnosed through their low blood platelet count.The Tawa-Tawa plant known in English as Asthma Weed with scientific name Euphorbia hirta Linn is usually taken in decoction but is now available in capsules.

A few research proves that Euphorbia hirta Linn can significantly increase the blood’s platelet count upon regular intake.

– rubygold



About a year ago my mom was searching for information on things I could eat to bring up my platelet count because I was missing chemo because they were too low. She found info on papaya leaf extract and my grandfather ordered some from Mountain Meadow Herbs (which is much cheaper on amazon than on their website). I was very skeptical, but tried it anyway.Putting about 1 tablespoon in my sweet tea every day after chemo. Usually I would drop to 10,000 – 30,000 platelets per mcL at the end of the chemo week and a week later my body on it’s on or with a transfusion would bring them up to about 60,000 per mcL.

After the papaya extract it would bring them to about 100,000 – 160,000 per mcL. I did find if you’re on a chemo that attacks platelets very badly, don’t take it the week after chemo, it will go even lower sometimes. Take it after your counts have dropped about as much as they are going to. I don’t know about fresh papaya, we were only able to get a hold of premade extract but it seems to work as well as the reports I’ve heard about the fresh leaf extract.

– anon132550



I emailed earlier asking about papaya leaf extract. I also meant to ask where I can get papaya leaves delivered to me in colorado. It may be a better solution than ordering extract, if possible.

– rmessere



what are the treatment to increase platelet level in english medicine(especially for a dengue patient).

– anon131676



there is a lot of unanswered questions here. please do not disregard a low platelet count especially when CBC shows the other blood components having a low value. do some reading regarding MDS syndrome. Health is wealth. Get a good CBC.

– eksburn



i cannot stress enough the importance of seeking medical advice from those at your local hospitals or doctors office. if you are concerned about yourself or a loved one’s health please go see a doctor and avoid taking advice from an unlicensed online source.

– anon127385
Editor’s reply: wiseGEEK articles are written solely to provide general information about a variety of topics. We do not claim to have medical knowledge and always urge our readers to see a physician about any questions or problems they may have concerning their health.



my sis was told by doctors she was suffering from Dengue fever. Her platelet count did not drop much, but she could not survive. I can’t find a single reason as she did not show any signs of the disease. Please help me. i had not had peaceful sleep in two and a half months. please help. please, i beg of you.

– anon125679



my Daughter aged 13 has a platelet count of 150,000. Last year her platelet count was 32,000 and after one week it went up to 45,000 and then 12 days after that, to 108,000. She took the test a couple of months later and that time her count was 320,00. It is presently 150,000. Is her health OK? Please advise me on what food she should take daily. sakthivadivel. G

– anon122533



my mother is suffering from high sugar 368 (random) and from low platelet count which is around 90,000. i read many of the comments, can you please guide that from where to get papaya leaf juice or to make it at home only?

– anon119188



I read all the comments very carefully cos I am too suffering from “chikungunya” fever which decreased my platelet count to 100,000. I will try papaya leaf juice soon. I had small blood clots on my body 2 days ago but now its gone itself. Currently, I am taking light food, orange juice, veg. soup., eating one to two apples a day and some papaya etc. I hope to recover my platelet count to normal asap.Thanks all for your comments, it will be helpful for me and for others.

– anon118221



I have autoimmune hepatitis. I was on imuran and had a severe reaction. My platelets dropped to 8. I had several platelet infusions and blood transfusions, and after two years my platelets are still only at 40.The specialist does not seem to be too concerned, but I certainly am, as I bruise very easily and if I rub my eye the blood vessels break. not a pretty sight when you are dealing with the public.

– anon116733



where on earth does one get papaya leaf juice? is there anything else that will help so that i can take my chemo in a couple of days?

– anon115369



My frend’s platelets decrease to 50000. After getting treatment from doctor and proper medicine, his count is 38000. He is 26. Any advice?

– Facebook_User_100000867064267



i have gone through dengue. It’s terrible. My husband gave me papaya leaves, neem leaves, tulsi and giloi wood juice. it helped me recover fast. please try this for sure if suffering. i thank my hubby for this. –preety

– anon114384



The doctors don’t know why your platelets drop. That’s why they call it ITP. It could have started from a virus or toxin or even be brought on my a medication. My platelet count dropped to 15,000, but I skipped the prednisone because of all the side effects and went to an ivig treatment.My platelets jumped to 214,000 but two weeks later they are 89,000. Next week probably 40,000. I always heard if they take out the spleen they will get back to normal and that’s a risk i am willing to take.

– anon112878



Please help. my friend is at the ER at the hospital. she called me quite upset she says that her count is 18 of 25? They feel she needs a blood transfusion. any and all info or feed back greatly appreciated. thanks.

– anon109243



my father’s platelet count is 108,000. The blood clots from inside are appearing on the hands and on the legs redness is appearing. What to do?

– anon109000



i have low platelets and rbc count. is it curable?

– anon105144



I heard about this remedy. Pound some young papaya leaves and squeeze out the juice, maybe you get just one tablespoon, drink it, and it has been known to increase the platelet count.

– anon103916



my sister has dengue. how can i prevent the low count of her platelet?

– anon103813



my daughter has a low platelet count. her monthly cycle is going on longer than normal. what can she take to make her count higher?

– anon101871



my platelet count is 0.78 thousand. i want to know how it can be increased.

– anon100008



i have a three year old son. he had low platelets before some time, and the doctor says his condition is ITP after platelet transfusions. now his platelet count is 1.5 lac but i want to know what we can do to avoid this situation in future and how to increase the count by what types of food items.

– Facebook_User_100000027281775



I’m just out of hospital. I’m 14 and have low platelets and i was having bruises for no reason and i went to the doctor and got sent to hospital and my platelets dropped down to 10 but i ate a lot of fruit and veg and they went up to 60. they said they went down because i have a virus in my body.

– anon87155



My count is 130k. Is this terribly abnormal?

– anon86521



what position do you want to have a patient in when they have low platelet count?

– anon82108



I have gone through all the post and finally want to write and say that age is not a factor. I have given papaya leaf juice to people with low platelets, and amazing results came out of it, even in cases of thalassemia, dengue, cancer, after pregnancy and to females who have profuse bleeding at the time of their periods. It has even worked for fatigue and as a memory booster.

– anon80293



My platelets dropped to 2. I have been in remission for 10 years. My ferratin levels are at 5. Anyone have an idea of what’s going on?

– anon76580



If someone has dengue, the best way to increase platelets is to drink Gatorade and the best gatorade is color blue, or those light colors.God bless!

– anon72932



My son has had ITP since he was three years old and now he is 11. What is the best medicine for him? Please help me!

– fadzlihasan



My elder brother is a cancer patient and is going through chemotherapy. His blood count comes down to abnormally low. Today it was 800, but previously it was well above 1 lakh. please advise.

– anon68942



What is the diet for increasing the count for platelets?

– anon67844



My cousin got hospitalised and the doc informed that her platelets count is 18,000. After treatment by giving some injection and transferring two packets of platelets it came to 70,000 and growing. All test results were absolutely normal. Again after three weeks today morn it was 8,000 and now it was 2,000. Please assist on this. The docs are not telling it clearly. Please.

– anon61122



my friend has dengue fever. his blood platelet is only 1000. what is the best food to eat so that his blood platelets will increase and medicine also?he is taking steroid and blood platelets.

– anon57225



We found out our two month old baby had really low platelet count (10,000). The doctor suggested we wait for another two weeks, hoping the platelet count will increase itself. what do we do in the meantime? –worried parents

– anon51059



my son is seven years old. now he is on medication called prednisone. i noticed my son is very fat, maybe because of that medicines. The platelet count rapidly increased but i’m afraid be cause my son is very weak. should i try to let him take the extract of papaya leaves, or just depend on the prednisone only?

– anon48654



The juice of papaya leaf is very effective. just 2 tablespoons a day and you need to do regular blood counts as above 4 lakhs is not good. on thursday my count was 23000 and on monday it was 1 lakh, 94 thousand. even bittergourd juice is very good. both are extremely bitter so mix with some honey. take care.

– anon46820



my cousin had dengue and her platelet count is before treatment is 22,000. how to increase its count by what type food items.

– anon46481



i have a sister and she has dengue fever. her blood platelet is only 67. what is the best food to eat so that her blood platelets will increase?

– anon44160



what should i do for low platelet count?

– anon39722



i have a sister who just had a baby. she is fourteen years old. they said she had low platelets therefore she stayed in the hospital the last month of her pregnancy. they said she only had 25. they told us it may go away after the pregnancy but the baby is almost 2 months and she still has them low. they went down to 10 on Sunday. all she is taking is steroids. we want to know if maybe their is something else happening to her like leukemia or something?

– anon34711
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